The Shop

The concept for Lorca came about when an architect with a love for food and coffee found herself unemployed in Brooklyn, New York.  Having grown up in Spain enjoying churros and drinking cortados at a young age, she developed an unhealthy obsession with both.  In 2010, she traveled to Sevilla to learn the art of making churros at a small local shop.  In 2011, she began working at an artisan coffee bar in Darien, Connecticut to learn the craft of coffee.  In the winter of 2012, Lorca opened to deliver a taste of both experiences to the heart of Stamford, Connecticut.

In December of 2017, Lorca partnered with Fleishers Craft Butchery to open a coffee counter within their Cos Cob location. Greenwich has been enthusiastic in welcoming this pairing where hormone-free, locally-sourced handmade foods can be found on both sides of the aisle.


Leyla Jenkins

Favorite Drink: Any coffee from Ethiopia

Favorite Shop: Joe Pro, Chelsea, NYC

Favorite Food: Good Sushi

Outside of work: Geek out on architecture!


The Baristas


Favorite Drink: Water

Favorite Shop: Little Collins, NYC, NY

Favorite Food:  Italian-like me 

Outside of work: I like to ride my bicycle, read science textbooks, follow the New York Yankees, listen to 100-year-old music, and never stop dreaming.



Favorite Drink: Mate tea with lime juice

Favorite Shop: Donut Bar, Kursk, Russia

Favorite Food: Orange chicken

Outside of Work: Sleep and watch tv shows



Favorite Drink: Natural Ethiopian coffees, or a cold brew with extra nutella latte for my sweet tooth

Favorite Shop: Supreme Roastworks, Oslo, Norway

Favorite Food: Korean BBQ

Outside of Work: Love on my dogs, university studying, and travel the world as far as possible



Favorite Drink: China breakfast tea

Favorite Shop: Tandem Coffee Roasters, Portland, ME

Favorite Food: Lentil soup, tacos, asparagus, pickles, and anything
chocolate (but not altogether!) 

Outside of work: I'm a writer and I like to read, cook, watch old
movies, dance, and hang around with cats.